The Sustainable Energy Startup Help Desk is here! Reach out and tell us where you struggle, we may be able to help!

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Entrepreneurs for Sustainability, or EN4S ("Enforce") is a fully volunteer-led BCSEA initiative dedicated to entrepreneurship. Our mission is two-fold: to encourage the formation and success of companies dedicated to tackling sustainable energy issues and filling gaps in this section of the business landscape, and to create networking and career-building opportunities for sustainability-minded professionals and entrepreneurs.

Current initiative

In 2020 we are launching the Sustainable Energy Startup Help Desk. We will be looking to hear from sustainability startups what aspects of their business they need help with, but do not have the connections or resources to obtain such help. We will then aim to provide targeted assistance using BCSEA resources and connections. This could take a variety of forms, from idea feedback to industry insights to mentoring for various aspects of running a startup to help with grant applications and more.

Reach out to us and let us know where you struggle, we may be able to help!

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Learn about our prior years' initiatives

In 2019 we created the EN4S brand and expanded the format to a month-long series of events intended to give participants the time to grow, find good teammates, and learn new skills before developing their ideas into business pitches, polished with help from resourceful mentors and evaluated by experienced judges.

2019 Event

In 2018 we organized a two-day hackathon titled "HallowHacks" to try and answer the question "How to use technology for creating awareness and for financing sustainable energy initiatives?"

2018 Event


Arman Mottaghi

Project Lead

Annabelle Wong

Chief of Relations

Andres Puentes

Chief of Logistics

Pranshu Shelat

Event Manager

Blair Birdsell

Operations Champion

Shima Alagha

Stakeholder Liaison

Elena Popovici

Event Partner

Erin Quon

Vancouver Chapter Chair