Our month-long series of events gathering fresh and bright minds for tackling sustainable energy issues took place in September & October 2019 in downtown Vancouver.

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Entrepreneurs for Sustainability, or EN4S ("Enforce") is a fully volunteer-led initiative dedicated to entrepreneurship, managed by BCSEA. EN4S gathers impact-seekers for a series of events highlighting the gaps in the Sustainable Energy landscape. We finish the events with a two-day hackathon where ideas to fill those gaps shape up with the help of mentors and hard work.

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Success Stories

"...I liked the environmental theme and had an idea I wanted to develop. I found the event made it easy to meet people and form a team. There were a lot of opportunities to talk with the mentors and organizers at all stages the of the event to zero in on what made the idea “pop” and focus on what fleshing that out. Overall the event was fun to attend and my team came out with a few prizes that helped us to continue developing it."


"...I'm pleased at how much I learned from working with participants with different expertise and perspectives from me! The mentors were incredibly supportive and treated each idea as a legitimate start-up in its early stages, offering constructive feedback to the teams. I would love to participate in an event like this with my own business idea next time around! It's a great way to get a team actively working on an idea that prior would just have remained just that...an idea."


"BCSEA put on a really strong Hackathon. From the planning to the quality of participants it was the right balance of intense and fun for everyone involved. The Halloween theme, bagels, beers and buddies kept it light and left no stomach unfilled. The environment was friendly collaborative and conducive to great development. The expertise and interest of the volunteers, location and multi-team setting kept it sharp and competitive..."


"...I showed up without a team nor an idea, and I left with close new friends and an app that solved a real problem. The best part of the hackathon was the quality mentorship, workshops, activities - all the support you could ever need - and it was extremely well organized from the opening up until the closing ceremony. I learned so much and I would highly recommend everyone to attend! Building Fly Green was an absolute blast and I can't wait to attend next year!"



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Congratulations to the Sustaingineer team!
Winning team
Winners of a spot in the Market Validation Training program from Foresight CAC, $500 worth of legal services from Golbey Law, and of course, a bag of bagels.

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Arman Mottaghi

Project Lead

Annabelle Wong

Chief of Relations

Andres Puentes

Chief of Logistics

Pranshu Shelat

Event Manager

Karina Jorgensen-Fullam

Content Champion

Blair Birdsell

Operations Champion

Shima Alagha

Stakeholder Liaison

Anna Swanson

Talent Liaison

Elena Popovici

Event Partner

Erin Quon

Vancouver Chapter Chair

September & October 2019
Downtown Vancouver, British Columbia